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Following the Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute held in the summer of 1999, institute participants were allowed to apply to be teacher leaders in several areas of foreign language instruction. Eleven teacher leaders were selected to pursue intensive training in the use of technology in the foreign language classroom, specifically in the design and implementation of Web-based and CD-ROM-based lessons. Meeting for three days in October, 1999, three days in March, 2000, and three days in June, 2000, these teacher leaders studied various aspects of technology and then designed the lesson plans that are found in the following pages.

Technology Teacher Leaders

Rocío Bautista
Ramtown School

Dorothy David
Princeton High School

Elizabeth Downing
Hunterdon Central Regional High School

Richard Giantisco
Delaware Valley Regional High School

Barbara Hogan
Hightstown High School

Liz Kolody
Tinton Falls School

Mary Mackenzie
East Brunswick High School

Myrna Milan
Livingston Elementary School

Leslie Port
Toms River High School South

Regena Tardugno
John Witherspoon Middle School

Marie T. Zahner
East Brunswick High School

Karen Willetts, Facilitator
Silver Spring, MD

Martin Smith, Institute Director
Princeton Regional Schools

    Lesson plans and assessment tasks have been contributed by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.

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