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Por Fin Es Carnaval
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Por fin es carnaval - Introduction

This is a unit based on the book, Por fin es carnaval, by Arthur Dorros (1991, ISBN: 0-14-055471-8). It is intended for students who have had enough language to know basic vocabulary in Spanish. The students should have also had experience reading and writing. Upper elementary school through middle and high school students should enjoy the activities. The unit can also be simplified for less experienced language learners. The simplification would be in the text of the story and the way the activities are presented. For example, TPR introductions to the vocabulary would be necessary for most lessons. Also, the students would not be able to work in pairs or small groups as often. Convert these activities into whole class activities, when necessary, in order to give the students more language guidance from you. Feel free to make the unit your own by adding and eliminating activities according to the needs of your class.

Unit Objectives:

The story contains a wealth of cultural information about the descendants of the ancient Inca people. Many activities are suggested to enrich the cultural part of the unit. Other resources you might want to consult for more information are:

The Grandchildren of the Incas by Matti A. Pitkänen, 1991, ISBN: 0-87614-566-7

Los Incas por Patricia McKissack, 1988, ISBN: 0-516-51268-4

Enjoy using this unit in your classrooms!      Mari Haas

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